Who We Are

TSCO Racing is a holistic solution to competitive top tier desert racing, offering a one stop shop for both established and developing racing programs. Our team is made up of a group of passionate professionals dedicated to the success of our partners.

We Provide out of the box competitive race ready trucks and programs that consistently finish on the podium in debut races:

  • 2019 BITD Parker 425 – Hager / Dollente, 1st Trophy Spec
  • 2018 SCORE Baja 1000 – Swaim / Jones, 1st place Trophy Spec
  • 2018 V2R – Alexander, 2nd place Trophy Spec*
  • 2018 Finke – Magher, 2nd place 2WD Truck
  • 2018 SCORE Baja 500 – Swaim / Jones, 1st place Trophy Spec
  • 2018 SCORE San Felipe – Swaim / Jones, 2nd place Trophy Spec
  • 2017 Baja 1000 – Swaim, 2nd place Trophy Spec*
  • 2017 BITD Tonopah 250 – Keysar, 2nd place TT

*Bold races are vehicle debut races

TSCO Racing continues to support competitive successful programs like Andy McMillin, Toby Price, Bryce Menzies, the 2018 SCORE Trophy Spec Champion – Thunderstruck Motorsports team, YouTheory Racing, and Keysar Racing. Whether you are looking for an Arrive and Drive program, a proven start-line ready Trophy Truck, Pit Support, or Race Prep – TSCO Racing is looking to partner with you to achieve your goals.

Our Story

TSCO Racing was started by Dick Weyhrich and eventually continued by his sons Mark and Gary Weyhrich. In 2012 Mark and Gary chose to establish their own in-house race program with the goal of creating a top tier competitive race program. The Weyhrich brothers enlisted John Vance to head up their racing ventures. John, with over 24 years in the off-road racing and a wealth of experience and knowledge, has lead the team at TSCO Racing since 2012. In the first year Mark and Gary found themselves on the Podium at both Parker 425 and the iconic Baja 1000 peninsula run.

Over the next four years Mark and Gary would podium and win numerous races in both SCORE and BITD races. Their pit crews would raise the bar in off road safety and pit times. After a couple years of success with their Geiser built trucks the decision was made to design a new in-house truck that would be more competitive, efficient, serviceable in the field, and simpler to prep between races. After a year of design, development, testing, and refinement the TSCO Trophy Truck was ready to become one the most successful trucks in off road desert racing. Following in its big brother’s footsteps and introduced at the 2017 Baja 1000, the TSCO Racing Trophy Spec is the most successful spec truck in the industry today.

In 2016 Mark and Gary made the decision to take a step back from racing. In November of 2016 TSCO Racing opened up its doors and became a business supporting the efforts of any competitive off road racer, offering the most competitive holistic program in the industry. Drawing in some of the best drivers in the industry like; Andy McMillin, Jesse Jones, Toby Price, Larry Rossler, Tavo, and Corey Keysar; TSCO Racing continued to prove its ability to support winning teams who have relied on TSCO Racing for race winning trucks, prep services, race support and parts.

Racing Achievements

  • 2019 Parker 425: 1st Place TS – Brock Hager / Eric Dollente
  • 2018 Baja 1000: 1st Place TS – Thunderstruck
  • 2018 Laughlin DC: 1st Place TS – Alexander
  • 2018 Vegas to Reno: 2nd place TS – Alexander
  • 2018 Baja 500: 1st place TS – Thunderstruck
  • 2018 San Felipe 250: 2nd Place TS – Thunderstruck
  • 2017 Laughlin 250: 2nd Place – Corey Keysar
  • 2017 Baja 1000: 2nd Place TS – Thunderstruck
  • 2017 Baja 1000: 3rd Place TT – Gary Weyrich/ Dan McMillin
  • 2017 Parker 425 Overall Winner:: Andy McMillin
  • 2016 Vegas to Reno Overall Winner:: Andy McMillin
  • 2016 Mint 400: 2nd Place – Andy McMillin
  • 2016 Parker 425: 3rd Place – Andy McMillin
  • 2015 BITD Parker 425 OVERALL Winner (Gary W)
  • 2014 BITD Vegas to Reno 3rd Overall (Gary W)
  • 2014 Mint 400 Pit Crew Challenge Winner (Crew)
  • 2014 3rd Overall BITD Parker 425 (MW)
  • 2014 Parker 425 Pit Crew Challenge Winner (Crew)
  • 2013 2nd Trick Truck, 3rd Overall BITD Silverstate 300 (GW)
  • 2013 2nd Overall BITD Mint 400 (MW)
  • 2013 2nd Overall BITD Parker 425 (GW)