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Parker Pit Crew Challenge - 2014

Next up was the Parker Pit Crew Challenge 

At 5:00 PM, in conjunction with the “Downtown Parker Experience”, the Parker Pit Crew Challenge presented by "The MINT 400" & the "Down & Dirty Radio Show" took place.  It featured 8 Trick Truck teams competing two at a time in an elimination bracket for a shot at a $2,000 prize put up by Napa of Parker.  Hosted by Jim Beaver and Judged by Pat Dailey, the teams would go head to head changing two tires.  All the lugs would have to be in place and tight. Participation teams included: TSCO Racing #9, TSCO Racing #98, MGI Motorsports, Curtis Motorsports, Canidae Racing, Impact Racing, Strobel Motorsports, and Swift Motorsports. 


First Challenge of the day.  TSCO #9 vs MGI Motorsports.

Team TSCO #9 dominating the MGI Motorsports guys from Texas!

Gary and his #98 Team... Ready to take on all comers!  Greg Yarmon, Justin "Blu Bear" Fantz, and Bryan Cassano

Team Leader John Vance talking up his troops between rounds.

TSCO #9 team battles the Impact racing crew... advantage TSCO!

The #98 Team defeats the Curtis Motorsports Team. 

 Both TSCO Teams would be in the final rounds.  Competing against each other in a best 2 of 3 battle.

...and the winner team is...  Team #9!!  Congrats to Mark's team: Ryan Williams, Travis Garrow and Matt Patrick!

Both teams and the rest of the TSCO Crew, assemble for a group shot.  The celebration would carry on into the night!

Thanks to Mastercraft Safety/Impact for supplying the teams with suits and helmets.  Napa Auto parts and the Town of Parker for the $2000 Prize.

Next up:  Friday's BITD Tech and Contigency... Racing on Saturday!